February 2, 2016





In any area of life we become what and who we invest in. This can come in many forms. For some we buy junk food, eat out, and go out often. The people that invest in that kind of lifestyle almost always shows in their health in time. They become overweight, dependent on medications to alleviate conditions that are preventable like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol.  They begin to not be able to keep up physical demands of work, hobbies, kids, and much more. This can also be followed by decreased mental wellness such as depression and lack of confidence. Some people choose to invest in their possessions. They may invest totally in their homes, clothes, electronics or whatever they may be into at the time. So they end up with nothing left many times but nice clothes or house covering up a unhealthy body. Many times they are stuck with great possessions only to still feel bad daily or have one or more of the previously listed problems. So why is it that we refuse many times to invest in our true health?

 What does it mean to invest in our health? This is where our culture in America has really dropped the ball. People are always looking for the “best deal” or “quick fix” when it comes to our own health! Sure anyone can go pay 10-40 dollars a month to join a gym. We can also go buy the latest quick fix in a supplement in hopes that will get us healthy. This is the norm in America right now. What you don’t know is that “globo” gyms all operate the same way. They actually set their prices at a rate that statistically you will keep paying but not use. This is their business plan! They also just set you up to fail. Most people don’t know how to get in shape or stay healthy on their own. After a month or two of going in to the gym and doing a couple things a day randomly they see no results and get frustrated. So would we consider that really investing in your health? NO!!! Taking a supplement or shake may make me lose some weight initially but are you healthy? I got bad news for you! There is no quick easy fix to be healthy! Would you go seek out the cheapest doctor to treat a cancer? Would price even be a factor when it comes to saving your life? I sure hope not.  So why is it in America that we pick the cheapest easiest way to take care of the most important thig we have, our health?

 Let’s go over how bad we as a culture have gotten it wrong for a minute. America consists of 25% of the world’s population, yet we consume 90% of the world’s medications. Does that mean we are healthy? We are the unhealthiest country in the world! The money that runs this country is spending that money to keep you unhealthy. They price unhealthy food cheap so you get sick. Then they just slap a medication or two on you to hide the problems. Then give you a few more medications to treat the side effects of the ones your already on. The diet our own government recommends is literally killing you putting grains as the main staple. There is no secret why obesity, diabetes, and heart disease is beyond rampant here and is just getting worse. The certifying board that controls personal training standards and certifications is run and owned by none other than our big soda companies! We all know our wellbeing is at the very bottom of their priorities. So in short, our entire culture is investing heavily in you not being healthy. Now it’s up to us to change that culture, not put another quick fix on it.

Now let’s talk about what happens when we start investing in our health. Now we are going to buy an “expensive” CrossFit membership. Now we are paying for not just an experienced trainer to guide you through movement and every workout, but an entire life changing experience. This is where the magic happens. Now every time you come in there is a coach and community full of successful, like-minded, motivated people to help keep you accountable through this health journey. We give you PROVEN programing along with experienced guidance in movement and diet. You will learn what to eat and what not to eat that will help start reversing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. You will begin to get stronger, leaner, and fitter than ever before. Energy levels will increase; mood and mental focus will improve. You will become more flexible and coordinated resulting in less injury. Basically we will help you reach your genetic potential. As you get in better shape your heath will improve with it. Medications may get lowered and eventually may not be needed at all! All this is done without any magical shake or pill. It is done by good ole fashion hard work and an actual healthy diet plan. It becomes a permanent lifestyle change with the aid of professional advice and oversight along with a family of motivated people to keep us accountable. This is NOT a quick easy fix; this is a lifestyle change that we invest in.

Back to we are what we invest in.  I get the “but it’s just too expensive” comment regularly. Really?  150 dollars a month is actually cheaper than almost every bad habit out there. Don’t think so, well here are some examples. Smoking 1 pack a day at 5$ a day is 150$ a month. Drinking- an average night at the bar costs well over 150$. How much do you pay if you take multiple medications for your health?  Going out to eat fast food once a day at 8$ a day is 240$ a month. 3 sodas a day average 1.50$ each is 135$. Do you get it yet? If your health and wellness is important to you even 200$ a month is a drop in the bucket for what you will pay long term for poor health.  Just like everything in life you get what you pay for! Sure you can go to the cheaper facilities claiming to provide excellent training in “CrossFit type” workouts. Why do they call it CrossFit type? Why isn’t it called CrossFit then? Well it’s just like cheap toilet paper. Sure it may get some poop off but it doesn’t always do a great job at it! We pride ourselves in not cutting cheap corners to get an extra few dollars a month. You know if the company has the name CrossFit or any other brand name that they meet and exceed any requirements of that company.  We provide a professional atmosphere that provides the best training possible. I have been formally trained by CrossFit in gymnastics, kettlebell training, mobility, and more. I didn’t just stop there, I hold level 2 USAW weightlifting certifications, and have been coached and trained by The Mash elite performance program. We are also an affiliate of Mash Elite performance.  Who is that? They have the number 2 weightlifting team in America, along with training some of the top athletes in the world from all ages in powerlifting, strength and conditioning for all sports.  We strive to provide our customers with the real deal and best training possible. We want our clients to invest in their training and health as we have invested ourselves to provide the best training we can provide.

So what do you invest in? This is your life and your health! Don’t settle for imitations; don’t look for the cheapest deal around when it comes to your health. You want to see the difference come and see yourself. It’s time that you invest in your health and life!

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