I began my CrossFit journey in May 2013. I have never been one to exercise nor was I athletic/play any sports my whole life. My first WOD is probably the closest I've ever felt to death. I asked myself why would I do this??? But was back the following day for more. I continued my journey until October 2013 when a tragedy struck my family that left me to take responsibility of my nephew. With these adjustments I had to rearrange my whole schedule which introduced me to the most amazing box ever, CrossFit Terrell. CFT has helped me in more ways than just CrossFit. They lift me when my spirits are low, they push me beyond extreme, and they never allow me to say I can't because they KNOW I can! Since joining CFT I have made major gains. My latest one being kipping pull-ups. I finally mastered them this past summer (2015). No more bands and no more ring rows. This is probably my personal favorite only because I NEVER EVER in a million years pictured myself pounding out pull-ups. Secondly doing my first CrossFit Competition. CrossFit has changed my life in many ways! I dedicate one hour a day to my body....that's it, one hour. Sure I would love to do more but my scheduled doesn't allow that right now. Anywho moving on..CrossFit elevates my mood, relieves stress, and always makes me feel accomplished regardless of where my time falls on the white board. The coaches and community are more than just that, they are like family. BJ is passionate about the sport and supports his members. It's amazing how one coach can know every members strength before they even know it. Last but not least I would like to applaud owners BJ and Amber for keeping the spirit of Jesus Christ alive in the box. I look forward to 2016 and making gains and pushing myself even further than I am today!   

                         -Misty Wooden

CrossFit had been weighing on my mind for several years, after first witnessing the 2011 games on TV I knew I wanted it! Timing is everything.  I finally was ready November of 2015. From the first day I walked in CrossFit Terrell, my ears perked up, my senses were alert, there was kick butt music playing , a lifters paradise all around with barbells, rings, ropes, chin-up rigs, weights and boxes and and it just looked like a huge girls jewelry box, and all you say is what do I wanna wear today?  WHERE DO I SIGN?  I was received at every wod with a handshake and respect, I never dreamed within a few short months I would compete in the 2016 open!  I can say that first step in that door changed my life. Grateful to BJ , Amber , Doc, Jodeen, and ALL the CrossFit members who are always supportive, encouraging and inspiring. It's a family, I love the whole process! I love a CrossFit lifestyle And I love CrossFit Terrell.

                                                                                    -Belinda Martin

I started going to CrossFit Terrell in January 2016.  I had started changing my lifestyle back in November 2014 when I had weight loss surgery.  I was never a person who worked out, other than walking at the park or the occasional water aerobics at the pool, but was looking for something to try that would not be the same old thing day after day.  The day I walked into CFT I had lost almost 95 pounds but still needed to get into better physical shape.  I have several friends that go to CFT and they had been asking me to come and just try it.  Well I did just that and have been going ever since.  I still have lots of things to improve on and master but every day I do things that I never thought I would be able to do.  Everyone has made me feel welcome and never once have I felt like I was out of place or uncomfortable.  When I first started I couldn’t even hold on and hang from the bar for more than a couple of seconds but every day I have gotten stronger. Today am in the best shape I have ever been in my entire life and I hate to miss a day.

I completed The Murph on Memorial Day for the first time this year and completed it in a little over an hour; my goal was under two hours.  I was telling BJ about it and he said “Great Job, now next year shave 10 minutes off of that time.”  BJ is always encouraging and pushing me to do the best that I can do, even when I think I can’t do it.  It is not just BJ, all of the coaches are very supportive, encouraging, and want to see you succeed and reach whatever goals you have set for yourself. I look forward to reaching and exceeding my goals in 2016.  I am so glad I am a part of the CrossFit Terrell family.  

                                                            -Zanette Cotton               

I had been weightlifting for a number of years, but the gym I used was closing.  With limited options for a new workout facility in my town, I started thinking about other options for staying in shape.  A couple of friends had started CrossFit and encouraged me to check it out.


I decided to visit 3 CrossFit boxes to talk with coaches, watch workouts and see if I wanted to try it out.  After visiting 2, I was pretty convinced that this was something I wanted to do but I hadn’t yet found a place that seemed to be a perfect fit for me.  Then, I stopped in at CrossFit Terrell.  Within minutes of walking in the door, I had chatted with several members who were warning up and took the time to come over to greet me.  Their enthusiasm for the sport, the box, and their coach was infectious.  When I visited with BJ – the coach and box owner – he not only took the time to explain the history of the sport and the advantages of a CrossFit workout over traditional weightlifting, but he also listened to my concerns about my age (58), physical limitations due to prior knee and ankle surgeries, and whether I’d be able to do a lot of the exercises that I’d seen in CrossFit.  BJ explained how all movements could be scaled to the abilities of each individual athlete, and assured me that we could work together to overcome some or all of the physical limitations that I had.  As I was talking with BJ, I noticed that as members walked in, they all greeted each other, many with hugs, and several stopped to introduce themselves to me.  I had found a place that seemed to fit and I signed up for the beginner’s class on the spot.


That was 7 months ago, and since that time, I have grown to love not only the sport, but also the people in this box.  There is true friendship and camaraderie here, with encouragement and laughter every day.  I have done things I never thought possible when I started – climbed a rope to the rafters of the building; done pushups from a hand-stand; deadlifted double my weight – the list goes on and on.  Like everyone else, I have areas of strength and weaknesses.  I enjoy improving the areas where I am strong, but even more; I enjoy seeing the improvement in my areas of weakness, slowly getting better and better.  I have just set new goals for 2016, and while they are challenging goals, with the help of BJ and the entire box, I am convinced that I can succeed at anything.


Except for running.  I hate running.  I will never be good at running.  But, that’s ok.  We all have that one thing…..

                                    - Shanda Guard



Greg Glassman defines virtuosity as: “The blind and relentless constant pursuit of excellence. He also says it is performing the common uncommonly well.” That is what you will discover at CFT in Terrell, Texas, a small town outside of Dallas.  Crossfit Terrell is owned and operated by it’s head coach Billy Cauley, and will celebrate it’s 3 year anniversary on September 27 th, 2016.   BJ works endlessly at CFT, building, adding to, improving and making it the best Box for everyone. Every time you come in there is something new and different.  But that is nothing compared to the re-creation and improvements that he works on every day in the people.  Inside each of us is that magical mysterious character that we were born to be. That person of excellence who can do the impossible and keep on doing it. Who can achieve the unachievable and reach the unreachable. BJ has the ability to recognize that person in each of us, and even when we don’t believe we can do it, he always does. He proves it to us over and over again. At the end of a WOD as you are lying there in a puddle of your own sweat, you can’t help but be in awe and smile at what you just accomplished. Then BJ walks by with his big smile and high five and says, “I knew you could do it. You are a beast.” Your smile gets even bigger.  True coaching and training doesn’t start with just knowing what to do and how to do it. BJ is an endless source of knowledge of the movements and lifts and is always willing to sit with you and explain it over and over and over. Then have you perform that movement over and over and over until you get it right. Knowledge is paramount, but true coaching starts with a belief in that person. A belief that they can be excellent. Believing in them even when they don’t believe in themselves. It is proving to that person that they can do it. Then celebrating with them when they do.  Through it all BJ displays impeccability as a coach. He doesn’t just talk the talk, but he walks the walk. Not only does he teach the WODS but he does the WODS. He will be right there with you struggling to achieve perfection and to set a new PR. He sets up meets and competitions as well as attends other box’s meets and competitions. He doesn’t tell you what Crossfit is, he shows you with such passion and enthusiasm that you want to compete as well.  It doesn’t matter how young or old, big or small, healthy or unhealthy you are, you are always welcome at CFT, and you will always find someone there who believes in you and your pursuit of excellence.

                                                                           -Darlene Johnson

Before I started CrossFit I had tried just about every fad diet known to man , going as far back as using metabolife and quite honestly even trying to induce vomiting a few times in my young adult years.  Not proud of that, but I am being honest. I had reached a point where nothing else was working and I was frustrated and discouraged, I had gotten to the point I just wanted to be healthier. That’s it. just be healthier.  My husband started CrossFit before me by a few months,  we had been going to a local gym and working out together, we were loosing our motivation to workout.  I had seen the changes in him, he had more energy and was sleeping better he said he felt great and it showed.  He invited me to come along so I did.  I have never in my life worked out so hard and loved it.  I had the encourgament of total strangers cheering me on and refuisng to let me quit, these “strangers” quickly became an extension of my family separated only by DNA.  They cheered me on and helped me and there is a true sense of desire that each person succeeds and reaches their goals, it truly is a family.  I had more energy, I slept better and was more alert during the day and in time my clothes started to fit differently too!  I dropped from almost a size 20 to now a size 16  I’ve lost an estimated 10-12 inches total and I no longer “need” fad diets to help me feel healthier.  I have become proudly addicted to CrossFit. Drank the kool aid, if you will.  People often ask me why….

There’s no greater feeling than the feeling of accomplishment.  It’s that simple.  See everyday I walk in, I see the workout and my mind proceeds to try to lie to me. “ I cant do that”  “ I’ll never finsih that workout”  “ I’ll never lift that weight” or my all time favorite “ I’ll die ! “Well ….everyday I walk out accomplished.  I finished!  I lifted!  I just did THAT?!  …AND I DIDN’T DIE!  My whole life, even as a healthy “skinny” teenager I have never been able to do pullups or handstands, today, I can do both.  I sleep better, I have more energy, I am stronger, I am healthier, I am better today w/CrossFit than I ever was without it.  I 100% recommend CrossFit Terrell… the coaching staff is amazing, they learned my strengths and weaknesses and they know how to get me to overcome those lies I try to believe when I say  “ I cant” my coach has always proven me wrong and showed me that I can.  For me, that’s been the best part, walking in uncertainty my whole life, CrossFit has given me the high of accomplishment.  That is a feeling you cannot understand unless you are a CrossFitter.

                                                                                                                        - Norma Harber

I have been battling with high blood pressure for almost 20 years, when I started cross fit my doctor had warned that my cholesterol levels were borderline and I may possibly need medication. I initially tried CrossFit because going to my local gym wasn’t enough.  It became a stale workout walking on a treadmill or jogging, stair steppers and frankly, I was bored.  I had heard about Crossfit Terrell and decided to try it.  I quickly decided this was the kind of work out I needed. Every workout is a competition with myself an opportunity to improv, lift more weight, run faster and I began to feel something I haven’t felt in a long time, ENERGY!  I noticed I have more energy, I sleep better, my wife says I don’t snore anymore either!  The group of people here at CFT are encouraging, motivating, supporting and friendly.  We all have our own individual goals and we all want each other to reach our goals, we celebrate each others victories-loudly!  I am stronger today more than I have ever been.  I am healthier today more than I’ve ever been, no neefor added medications and my blood pressure runs normal ranges now.                                        

                                                       - Brian Harber

CFT has changed my life for the better!  I have completely stopped drinking sodas, I lost pretty much all of my body fat and I am now in the best shape of my life! I started to eat a little better (still could do better) and I am starting to like the way I look.  At CFT I have made some good friends, I Love competing, constantly getting stronger and getting new PRs!  I would have to say CrossFit is in my life for good!!

                                          - Deanna Goss



I’ll never forget the first time I walked into “The Box” at Crossfit Terrell. I was on my way home from work and I had been looking for another work-out  since my Zumba teacher blew out her knee. I had heard about Crossfit from a few of my patients and a trainer friend of mine. So I thought I would check it out.  So I walk into this small warehouse type building with red pull=up bars, some weights, a rowing machine and little else. This guy built like a brick sh-- house with a smile as big as Texas walks up and shakes my hand. He tells me they are just fixing to start their WOD and I am welcome to watch. (I’m thinking Cool – what’s a WOD?).  All of a sudden this really loud music starts booming, everyone puts on a Santa hat and starts lifting these really heavy looking weights. They pick the weights up from the floor, lift them to their waist, then their chest, then they squat down jump up and push the weights up over their heads and then drop them to the floor, making me jump every time.  WOW! I am impressed, but also realizing that I am probably about 30 to 40 years past doing something like this. I have never lifted weights in my life:  feed sacks, hay bales, kids and few farm animals but never weights.  After about 5 minutes I quietly snuck back out the door. (They couldn’t have heard me anyway over the music).  That was amazing, but there is no way I could ever do anything like that. After all I had just turned 60 years old, I was 5 foot nothing and weighed 170 pounds. Been diabetic for 17 years taking 2000 mg of metformin, 10 mg glyburide, and Junivia every day. Doctor wanted me on insulin because my blood sugar was steadily getting worse, but I refused because I am afraid of needles. I also had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglycerides. And I work anywhere from 10-11 hours a day.  On top of that I was fighting with depression from having just gone through the worst two years of my life. My husband of 11 years left me for another woman, a few months later I lost my Dad to cancer, my dog of 12 years died, my two favorite horses died, my bird of 17 years dies, my mother had a stroke and I had to put her in a care facility. Then on December 3rd, three weeks before I walked into Crossfit, my Grand-daughter Kassy Grace was still born at 4:20 that morning and my Mom died at 5:20 that evening on the same day.(Sounds like a bad country and western song doesn’t it?).  I passed the Crossfit Box every day on my way to work and home and I was still fascinated by what I had seen. I was sitting on the porch talking to myself (sometimes I just need intelligent conversation) about Crossfit and I knew there was no way I could do it, so I decided to go sign up. After all that was how I learned to fly a plane, jump out of a plane, run around the Amazon Jungle and other things. I or someone else telling me I couldn’t do it has always been my button to do it.  The next night I signed up and that is when I met Cherise and Matt, two of the trainers. Now Crossfit Trainers are definitely not of this world. They will yell at you, scream at you, and call bullshit any time you say “I can’t”.  They will laugh at you, constantly say I told you so and make you do things that I still am not sure that the human body is suppose to do. And yet the beauty of it is you never feel belittled, put down, insulted or any of that. Instead you feel encouraged, lifted up and supported. It is amazing. One day part of the WOD was running. I hate running, I have never ran unless I am being chased and even then I will pick up a stick or rock and take a stand rather than run. I told myself I would never have a DNF (did not finish) on the whiteboard. So I ran, the whole time saying my mantra, I hate running, I hate running, I hate running. On the fourth 400 meter to the mailbox I stumbled and fell on my face. Of course instantly I did a burpee, jumped up and looked around and started running again.  My hands and one knee were skinned up from the fall, I was gasping for breath, my legs were on fire and when I finally reached the mailbox I was in tears, so I slapped it as hard as I could and turned to run back.  When I turned around there was Matt. “I just came out to run with you” he said. And he did. The whole time encouraging me. I can’t breathe I would say. If you can talk you can breathe he would answer. And so it went all the way back to the Box. That was the fartherest I can ever remember running in my life. I’ve run several times since then and more than once I’ve looked over to find someone running beside me just because.  Last week was another WOD with a lot of running and thrusters and on the last 400 meter run here came Will to run with me. He had just finished his own WOD and yet he came out to support me. The comradelier, friendship and family feeling is amazing. Another trainer came up to me the other day and looked me in the eye (of course he had to bend over to do it) and told me how proud of me he was for all I had accomplished. And the best part was I knew he meant it.

I’ve been in Crossfit for 5 months and it has definitely changed my life. I went to the doctor last week for my annual blood work that I do every two years. The doctor himself called me the next day and said I don’t know what you are doing but don’t stop. Your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides are normal. Your A1C is down so much he took me off all my medicine except one 500 mg glyburide tablet a day. (Down from 2000 mg and six tablets a day). I told him in 90 days I wouldn’t even need that one. He said “I believe you”.  I’ve lost 15 pounds and have gone from a size 16 to a size 10 and I absolutely can’t remember the last time I felt this good, even though I am usually sore every day. But I don’t mind. I still have my sad days, but they are a little less frequent. When I do feel sad I just “snatch, thrust, jerk and run” it out.  I can actually feel myself getting stronger every day in all areas of my life. And I love it. I am doing things at 60 that I have never done, like deadlifting, handstands, kettle bell sumo swings, dips and all kinds of things. I’ve yet to do a pull-up without a band, a handstand push-up, a double under or a rope climb, and a few other things, but I know I will if I keep trying.  And I’m able to play it forward at work sharing with my patients about midline stabilization, rules of torque, proper alignment, bracing, breathing, etc. The best part is my daughter and her husband, several of my friends and employees are also now doing Crossfit. The extended family that I have gained in Crossfit is awesome. I know that they are there for me all the way and I am there for them in any way I can.  But, I still hate running.

                                                                                                                -Doc Johnson 


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