Welcome to CrossFit Terrell. Thanks for checking out our site.  CrossFit Terrell is the first and original CrossFit facility in Terrell, Texas. We are dedicated to improving the health of the community. What is CrossFit? Its much more than just a workout. CrossFit is a life changing community of hard working people from all different backgrounds and fitness levels.  CrossFit is a group training atmosphere where you will sweat, grow and push yourself to new limits.  You'll never have to wonder what to do in the gym again, we will walk you through every step.  Each class is individually run by a trained CrossFit coach.  We help you track your fitness from beginning to end so you can see your progress. CrossFit s a strength and conditioning program meant to prepare you to be better at "LIFE".   Workouts consist of constantly varied functional movements (gymnastics, weightlifting, throwing, jumping, pushing and more) at high intensity.  We also include mobility training to improve your flexability.  CrossFit is for all ages and fitness levels.  From star athetes to senior citizens.  We can scale workouts to any fitness level. So what are you waiting for? Come try out a class for free and meet some great people to train with.
What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity. What does that mean? We prepare you to be fit enough to do just about anything by making you an extremely well rounded athlete. An additional benefit is that our performance coaches are here to take the responsibility off of your shoulders. We design your workout and show you how to do each exercise so you can participate in a new and fun workout everyday in the safest possible environment and with people just like you! Here's an entertaining video as well as a brief explanation that sums up CrossFit pretty well!

Mash Mafia Texas Barbell Club 

We are a Mash Elite Texas Affiliate -Training location.  Travis Mash is a current world champion in powerlifting and has held the all-time pound for-pound world record.  He was also an olympic hopeful in weightlifting.  Travis is able to share his champion mentality with his athletes and non-athletes alike.  We offer Mash Mafia programming through our coaching with imput from from world-class coaches Travis Mash, Don McCauley, and the Mash Maffia athletes. We offer powerlifting and weightlifting.  Ask us about it or click on the green button for Mash Elite to go to the website to learn more!

About Us
  • All CrossFit gyms are not the same.  They are all individually owned and operated.  Each one provides a different atmosphere and group of people as well as different levels of coaching. 

  • Its important to chose a box that you're comfortable with because CrossFit is a lifestyle change.  The people in it will be your biggest supporters and friends. 

  • We have a close knit community bond here at CrossFit Terrell.  We not only train together, but we play together too.  We have cookouts, family functions, and community events. 

  • Many ask what makes us different than other training locations in the area? Experience- with us you are training under principles and coaching experience that have created some of the best athletes in the country and world! Not to mention the hundreds of clients we have changed for life! Come in and you will see the difference!

  • There is a kids area with toys, air conditioned office with TV and sitting area.

  • We believe in safety first, and making sure you move efficiently with good form before adding weight.

  • You will have plenty of space to train in our 5,000 sq ft facility

Do I need to be in good shape before I start CrossFit?


NO! That's why we are here! We are here to help you get as fit as possible.  You may need the workouts to be scaled to your current level of fitness.  About 80% of the members scale the workouts daily. Since everyone does it, it's no big deal. I promise you won't be judged for it!


What if I can't do pull-ups or difficult movements?


You will be doing pull-ups! We have many ways to scale the exercise so that you can perform the movement safely and easily regardless of your current level of upper body strength. We have a long list of men and women who have never performed a real pull-up before training here that can now do several without an ounce of assistance!


Am I too old to Crossfit?


No! Absolutely not! Crossfit is about MOVEMENT at any age!

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